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For education

TechnoLogica supports and consistently implements the idea of close cooperation between business and academia, conscious of the need for businesses to make a clear contribution to the quality of education and the professional realization of young people in Bulgaria.

It was way back in 1993 that the first summer internship for students of the American University in Bulgaria was organized by TechnoLogica. We have long traditions of working with universities and we have made donations to almost all institutions of higher education in Bulgaria with the ambition to be a catalyst for sustainable cooperation between business and education.

Forms of partnership:
  • Internship Program: Since 2005 TechnoLogica has developed a successful internship program aimed at young software developers. For most participants the paid summer internship is the beginning of their careers as part of the software team at TechnoLogica. Traditionally, for two months half of the students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the Technical University in Sofia have the opportunity to observe the real processes in the company, to receive a one month intensive practical oriented training in the latest technologies the company is using in its work, and to consolidate the acquired knowledge by working on real projects.
  • We initiate variously themed competitions: TechnoLogica announced a competition for "Information Systems Professor Best Rated by the Students” with BGN 5,000 of prize money. As a company specializing mainly in the development of information systems, with this award TechnoLogica expressed its appreciation and respect for the teachers who impart knowledge to the students, which they can later use in their practical work. By direct vote on the FMI website the students selected the three professors with the greatest contribution to their professional growth as information technology professionals.
  • Another challenge for young software experts was the competition titled ‘Wings for Your Ideas’ - for new and original ideas for software products, tools or technologies.
  • Sponsorship: TechnoLogica donated to the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" a Chess Corner built in the courtyard of the faculty. Furthermore, the company funds and helps organize the annual chess tournament at the FMI. It was again at the company’s initiative that the tournament was named after Academician Borislav Boyanov, who was for many years the Dean of FMI and a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. As a gesture of respect and to honor the memory of the internationally acclaimed mathematician, dedicated teacher and exceptional person, who did much for the development and modernization of FMI, the company donated the funds necessary to build a monument to the eminent scholar in the yard of the Faculty.
  • TechnoLogica responded first to the fundraising campaign for an elevator for disabled students in the FMI building and donated 10% of the required BGN 100,000, hoping to create a model for charity in the IT industry. Today, the elevator is working and disadvantaged young people have the opportunity to get an equal start in education and professional development with their peers.
  • Master classes for graduate students and refresher training for teachers: Workshops for students in the master's programs at FMI are regularly organized at TechnoLogica’s professional education center. It is a tradition for certified practising trainers to do pro bono trainings for teachers and system administrators from the faculty in the latest technologies, to facilitate the process of their learning and to provide the required resources.
  • We fund and publish the textbooks for the Information Systems courses at the FMI of Sofia University: Recognizing the need for new textbooks TechnoLogica started publishing textbooks for the Information Systems courses at the FMI of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". "A Collection of C++ Programming Problems" Parts one and two and ‘Service-oriented Architecture’ were the first published titles in the series of the TechnoLogica Library. The authors of the publications are the professors of FMI and all publishing activities of the project are implemented and funded by TechnoLogica. Over the years that we have been developing our programs with the universities, it has become ever more apparent to us that there is another link in the preparation of future IT professionals, which needs support, and that is the secondary education. Initiating another partnership, we donated copies of "A Collection of C++ Programming Problems" to the secondary schools with advanced teaching of mathematics and natural sciences in Bulgaria.
  • For its long years of collaboration with the universities TechnoLogica received first prize in the „Investor in Knowledge” category at the annual Social Responsibility in Business awards of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum and was the first company to be named Partner of the Year of the FMI.

‘Engineering Education – Solid and Working’ Program

In 2003, DiTra, the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica, initiated the ‘Engineering Education – Solid and Working’ program, which has proven itself as a working model for the convergence of business and education. It has improved significantly the quality of teaching of Computer-aided Technologies in eleven universities in Bulgarian and Macedonia by introducing the same course materials, software and methodology as used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The program has provided hundreds of Bulgarian industrial companies with the opportunity to draw on fresh resources of qualified personnel.

Today, the program includes: the donation of software (SolidWorks and Delcam) with a market value of 3 million euro, which is annually updated and supported by DiTra, teacher training, master classes, lectures by guest speakers from business, student competitions, and meetings of graduating students with industrial companies. Of key importance for the success of the program was the attracting of many industrial companies that actively participate in the initiatives.

The universities included in the program are: Technical University of Sofia, Technical University of Varna, Rousse University ‘Angel Kanchev’, Technical University of Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Sliven, University of Food Technology in Plovdiv, University of Mining and Geology, Bourgas Free University, Bitola University and Skopje University.

A student competition is held annually on the launch of the ‘Engineering Education – Solid and Working’ and it enjoys great interest from both students and teachers. Since 2009, it has grown into a University competition with the participation of innovative and interesting projects created in the SolidWorks CAD software. The prize purse is provided by DiTra. The final is at the SolidWorks Friends meeting, where participants demonstrate their skills to many representatives of industrial companies and the regional managers of DS SolidWorks Corporation.

Another initiative related to ‘Engineering Education – Solid and Working’ is the ‘Laboratory for Support of Innovative Processes in Industry’. It has the latest software tools and is equipped with a rapid prototyping machine made by Stratasys and a 3D scanner and, in addition to supporting Bulgarian companies, its functioning is related to the next big step of ‘Engineering Education – Solid and Working’: that Bulgarian technical universities become conduits for the latest technology and centers for their application in industry, and that the scientific potential of the universities meets the needs and the projects of industrial enterprises.

One of the practical applications of the Laboratory was for the students from the Technical University of Sofia, who participated in the Shell Eco-marathon with a hybrid vehicle, developed using SolidWorks. The original design prototype of the vehicle was scanned at the Laboratory and with the aid of rapid prototyping multiple promotional copies were created of the vehicle that ran in the real competition in Germany along with another 59 teams from European technical universities.

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